Welcome to Paths to Pier 42!

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Paths to Pier 42 will be a series of art, educational, and design installations and public events along the East River Waterfront in the summer of 2013.

The project will create a temporary waterfront park that will increase access to, and create public uses of Pier 42 while it awaits permanent transformation into a new public park over the next several years. Paths to Pier 42 installations will serve to model activities that can and will take place on the waterfront once it is fully redeveloped while providing community access through this programming in the interim.

With an emphasis on input from the community about the future of this valuable public space, selected artists/designers will participate in biweekly events including meetings with advisory committee members and sessions to receive feedback from the community. This process will start in April 2013 through project installation and launch in July 2013, with potential for artist/designer participation in related public programming on site through November 2013.

As artists and designers are chosen and ideas start to form, this website will be updated.