Lower East Side Kite Festival at Pier 42 – Saturday 9/12

PTP42 kite festivalJoin us on September 14, 2013 from 12:00PM – 4:00PM for the Lower East Side Kite Festival. There will be a kite building center, kite-flying competitions, and demonstrations by the Pakistani Student Association and the American Kite Flying Association.


Fighter kite demonstrations will be held by the Pakistani Student Association and Brooklyn Kites at 2:00pm. The American Kite Flying Association will begin a demonstration at 12:00 to start the event.

Kite building workshops are available between 12-3pm.

Kite contests are open to anyone who wants to compete. Only homemade single line kites are accepted in the contest. Registration is between 12- 2pm the day of the event. Kite building workshops are available between 12-3pm.

Kite Contests start at 3pm. Trophies will be awarded in each event. Events that have youth (15 and under) and adult categories will have separate trophies given to youth and adult competitors.


Highest Kite (Youth and Adult)

Contestants will release 200 feet of string and stand on a designated line. The kite flying at the greatest height wins. Judges will use trigonometry to calculate height.

Steadiest Kite  (Youth and Adult)

Winning kite is the least active kite in the air, measured over a five minute time period. Steadiest kite event has Youth and Adult categories.

Strongest Pulling Kite

Each kite’s pull will be measured in pounds. Buy scale here: http://www.quicksupply.net/p-3077-my-weigh-mhs-series-hanging-scales.aspx?pmc=GoogBase&gclid=CLbQv4_0mLcCFQua4AodhhMAhQ

Most Unusual Kite (Youth and Adult)

Entries are judged on theme, construction and design. Judges will look for odd, striking or novel features and shapes. Most Unusual Kite event has Youth and Adult categories.


Kites entered in competition must be homemade, but not necessarily by the person flying them. Kites assembled from commercial kits will not be considered homemade.

Manufactured kites are not eligible for competition.

Contestants may enter only one kite per event. However, they may enter every event using a different kite for each event.

Kites must fly to qualify for judging.

Awards will be given to first place winners in each event. Judge decisions are final.

Contestants must register before the contest and display their number at all times. Adults may assist children with their kites.

“Youth Category” contest events are for kids up through 15 years of age. “Adult Category” contest events are for contestants 16 years and older.

The LES Kite Festival is presented by Two Bridges Neighborhood Council
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