NEAKA at Pier 42!

Tattfoo Tan is a Staten Island-based artist who collaborates with the public on issues relating to ecology, sustainability and healthy living. Tan’s art practice seeks to find an immediate, direct and effective way of exploring issues related to the individual in society. Through the employment of multiple forms of media and various platforms of presentation, Tan promotes group participation between himself and an ‘audience’.

As a 2014 resident artist, Tan will install his project NEAKA (New Earth Apocalypse Knowledge Advancement) on Pier 42 this summer. NEAKA was originally presented by Smack Mellon’s exhibition – FOODshed: Art and Agriculture in Action; An exhibition of upstate/downstate NY artists who work with food and agriculture, curated by Amy Lipton. The exhibition will be on view from June 7th to July 27th.  NEAKA is currently installed at Smack Mellon, 92 Plymouth Street, at the corner of Plymouth and Washington in Brooklyn.

NEAKA is a metal keyframe catamaran that is a vitrine for the New Earth Meal Ready-to-Eat (New Earth MRE – see video below). The NEAKA vessel is a symbolic reminder of an uncertain future due to societal collapse (population, climate, water, agriculture and energy) and a call to action in preparation to face such a challenge.

In addition to NEAKA, Tan will be holding workshops on how to dehydrate food (MRE: Meal Ready-to-Eat), how to design and build an outer frame backpack (MEC – Multifunction Exoskeleton Carrier), and how to create your own Personal Survival Kit (PSK),

Workshop Dates:

For questions or to RSVP, contact Tattfoo Tan at

NEPSK (New Earth Personal Survival Kit) Workshop
Saturday, July 12, 11am-3pm at Pier 42
Saturday, September 27, 11am-3pm at Pier 42
Participants will make á la carte NEPSK. Survival Tins are good emergency kits that come in handy for many people who carry them on a daily basis. All supplies will be provided.

New Earth Meal Ready to Eat (NEMRE) Workshop
Friday, August 8, 11am Hamilton Madison House
Monday, August 11, 10:30am Chinatown YMCA
Sunday, August 17, 4pm – TBNC Neighborhood Food Walking Tour
Participants will create dehydrated meal harvested from food waste. Dehydration of food can help prepare for future disaster as well as provide nutritious meals, knowing every ingredient and wasting none. NEMRE utilizes a food preparation process using ‘imperfect’ vegetables sourced from supermarkets and farmers markets and engages participants in conversations about post-economic melt-down and global warming.

NEMEC (New Earth Bug Multi-function Exoskeleton Carrier (NEMEC) Workshop
Date TBD
Participants will learn about the various types of bags one can choose to organize their own NEBOB. From 60-liter to 30-liter backpack to an outer frame back pack. Organize inside your backpack for easy access and balance. Customize the zipper pull to have faster access of your pack and improve dexterity of your hand during winter months with gloves on.


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