The Making of Paths to Pier 42: A Timelapse by Combo Colab & Stereotank

DrumReef 42 Timelapse!

Combo Colab and Stereotank are one of five commissioned artist teams in 2014 who, in collaboration with the project partners, advisory committee, volunteers and most importantly, local feedback and support, are transforming Pier 42 into a vibrant and accessible waterfront park for the community.

In this edition of the Making of Paths to Pier 42 series, we have the opportunity to look back on the 2014 season through a time lapse video created by Combo Colab and Stereotank of their project, DrumReef 42.  Over the past few months, the designers took hundreds of photos documenting the prototyping, construction, installation, and celebration of DrumReef 42. The result of their compilation is below – if you volunteered on Pier 42 or attended the Summer Launch Celebration on July 12th, you may even catch a glimpse of yourself in the video!

DrumReef 42 re-envisions the topography of Pier 42 and builds a participatory installation that creates awareness about current environmental concerns. Made from multiple re-used plastic barrels, the drum-formation is a structure that can be used to climb, rest, play, and explore new connections to the river and the park.

The installation is a sustainably constructed social sculpture that uses existing resources, low-cost materials, and pre-fabricated systems. It can be read as an inhabitable barrier that also acts as an island for play, incorporating interactive elements to engage visitors. DrumReef 42 is an empirical experiment on subjects that are relevant to the site, the neighborhood, and its condition in proximity to the water.