Meet the 2015 Artists at the Spring Waterfront Celebration!


Pier 42, July 2014. Photo courtesy of Scott Frances.

On Saturday, May 9th from 12-4pm, you are invited to help kick off the 3rd and final season of Paths to Pier 42 programming at the Spring Waterfront Celebration.  Enjoy Spring on the East River Waterfront, pack a picnic, and participate in activities with the 2015 artist and designers. Free! All are welcome!


1pm & 3pm: The Urban Backstage
Which spaces in the city allow us to remove our masks, to make mistakes, to expose [or hide] things, thoughts and actions that may not be allowed elsewhere? What else lies behind the scenes? Join a walking and talking exploration of the waterfront where we will look at connections between the personal and the communal, and the informal and formal through space and language.
Time: Walks depart from the Pier 42 welcome tent at 1pm and 3pm and last up to one hour.
Route: Pier 42, Corlear’s Hook, East River Amphitheater and back to Pier 42
Artists: Julie Kline, Elliott Maltby, Clarinda Mac Low, Jeremy Pickard, Shawn Shaffner, Rachel Stevens. The Urban Backstage activities are part of iLAB East River.

2pm: Opening Remarks 
Learn more about what’s in store from Paths to Pier 42 this summer, and how you can be a part of the Pier 42’s future.

2:30pm: Thank you for coming: Attendance
Performance by Faye Driscoll

Meet the 2015 Paths to Pier 42 artists and designers 
After a selection process headed by an advisory committee of artists, architects, arts professionals and area residents, 4 artist & designer teams have been chosen to develop projects on the pier. Artists will work in collaboration with the Paths to Pier 42 partners and with the input of the local community. Their final projects will be unveiled on July 18th at the Summer Waterfront Celebration. Selected Artists and Designers:

Fish Stories Community Cookbook
Join the Fish Stories Community Cookbook drawing activity, featuring fish that swim through our city waters. Submit your favorite seafood recipe, draw and chat about the marine life around us with artists Meredith Drum and Rachel Stevens.

Albedo Effect with Two Bridges Neighborhood Council 
How do sunlight and surface reflectivity affect climate change locally and globally?  Learn about the albedo effect through family-friendly science experiments to keep it cool or heat it up!

Visit the BioBus, a mobile science lab on wheels.

Touch Tank with Lower East Side Ecology Center
Learn about river ecology and meet animals who live in our waters.

What if the power didn’t go out during Hurricane Sandy?  Connect to the future with our 3-in-1 wifi, charging and emergency lighting station for the public.

Visit the Lower East Side Ecology Center’s compost site just a short walk north of Pier 42 to learn about composting with OpenBin NYC

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