Thanks For Coming To The Spring Waterfront Celebration!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Pier 42 for the Spring Waterfront Celebration!

Activities included science experiments with Two Bridges Neighborhood Council; visits by the BioBus and the Lower East Side Ecology Center’s touch tank; a demo by Wifi-NY, a solar-powered charging and emergency lighting station; art and model-making activities with the 2015 artist teams; “Thank You For Coming,” a dance performance by Faye Driscoll; and “The Urban Backstage,” a walking and talking tour on the waterfront.

If you missed the Spring Waterfront Celebration you can still stop by the pier anytime to enjoy this last season of the temporary park, and join us on July 18th for the Summer Waterfront Celebration.


Photos taken by the Pier Ambassadors as part of the project by 2015 artist Stephanie Diamond.



Dance performance by Faye Driscoll


Dance performance by Faye Driscoll