Checking In With The Pier Ambassadors: Week 6


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WEEK 6: Learning Sound Recording and Editing

In preparation for Pier Ambassadors creating their own audio tours, Jim Mattingly presented techniques in recording and editing sound. Jim recorded himself talking about a memory from his childhood, and he was especially sure to add a lot of “ums” and “ands” into his storytelling. As a group, we listened to the original version, then a version with the “ums” edited out, and a third version where the story was completely altered and shifted around during the editing process. Through this exercise, we learned how editing can be a great tool for spicing up a recording or keeping the flow of a story going. At the end of the day, we practiced sharing our stories and our route for the tour by taking a walk in the neighborhood.

Want to take the Pier Ambassadors Walking Tour? On Saturday, 7/18 You’re invited to join a celebratory tour through the LES and to Pier 42 with artist Stephanie Diamond and the 2015 Pier Ambassadors.

Pier Ambassadors Walking Tour, Paths to Pier 42 Summer Waterfront Celebration
Saturday, July 18th, 1pm
Starts at Primitive Church, 209 E Broadway at Clinton Street, lower level, ends at Pier 42.

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About the Pier Ambassadors, a project by 2015 Resident Artist Stephanie Diamond
Pier Ambassadors is an art and education project created by artist Stephanie Diamond, who partnered with Vision Urbana, sound artist Jim Mattingly and youth leaders from the Lower East Side to develop audio and walking tours of the neighborhood leading to Pier 42. Over the course of ten weeks, participants in the project engaged in workshops that built their skills in storytelling, public speaking and audio recording. Examples of workshops include: sound editing, improv acting, history walking tours with the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, and more. Through these creative encounters, Pier Ambassadors became empowered in telling their personal stories, representing the community they live in while gaining the tools to bring awareness of the Pier to people in and outside the neighborhood. Tour participants will be exposed to exciting and unique narratives compiled by Pier Ambassadors about their personal, cultural, historical, and environmental surroundings.

Pier Ambassadors: Zion Quintero, Zachary Quintero, Ethan Justiniano, Dylan Rivera, Princess Marie Melendez, Princess Merry Melendez

Partners: Jim Mattingly, Sound Artist; Vison Urbana: Eric Diaz, Director, Empire Mentorship Initiative