Thank You for Coming to Pier 42!

Events at Pier 42, 2013-2017

Thank you to all those who made the Pier 42 Salsa Concert on August 24th such a success! More than 300 people came out to dance to the music of Los Hacheros and La Charanga Pacha, and enjoy piraguas and empanadas by the water. The Salsa Concert was the 3rd and final event at Pier 42 this summer, following the Summer Waterfront Celebration and City of Water Day.

This fall marks the closing of the Paths to Pier 42 interim park. Over the past 5 years, neighborhood residents, artists, designers, and community organizations have worked together to reactivate this former industrial pier and inform the plans for its future. Through a combination of public events, collaborative art installations and educational programming, the Paths to Pier 42 initiative has been fundamental to engaging residents in the ongoing transformation of the Lower East Side waterfront. As we move towards the next phase and a more resilient waterfront, we’d like to thank all the folks who have poured their energy and creativity into the pier over the years – Thank you!

Construction on phase 1 of the permanent park will begin in late 2017, which you can read more about the here. Also check out our albums on flickr for a look back at Paths to Pier 42 programming over the years.