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Chat Travieso's Installation "On A Fence."

Chat Travieso’s Installation “On A Fence.”

Chat Travieso is a Brooklyn-based artist and architectural designer born in Miami, Florida. Travieso creates interactive installations and urban interventions that engage the public and encourage people to question their assumptions of the everyday built environment.

Chat’s project On A Fence transforms the fence surrounding Pier 42 into an interactive structure incorporating seating, play, exercise, and signage (done in collaboration with graphic designer Yeju Choi). The project seeks to invert the function and meaning of the fence from a physical barrier to a place of inclusion. On the Fence is in collaboration with Yeju Choi (Signage, Graphic Design and Identity).


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Interboro Partners (Project Team: Tobias Armborst, Daniel D’Oca, Georgeen Theodore, Rebecca Beyer Winik, Charlene Chai, Andrew Coslow, Michaela Friedman, Riley Gold) is a Brooklyn-based office of progressive and innovative architects, urban planners, and designers formed in 2002 by three graduates of Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. Their work is marked by creative, outside-the-box thinking at every stage. Led by licensed architects, Interboro has worked with a variety of public, private, and not-for-profit clients to deliver dozens of award-winning architecture, planning, landscape, and urban design projects.

Interboro Partners’ project Rest Stop leveraged the New York Restoration Project’s Million Trees NYC Initiative by creating custom planter/benches from recycled lumber to temporarily hold trees that were to replace those lost during Hurricane Sandy. Rest Stop provided much needed shade, greenery and seating at Pier 42, and all the trees were replanted at nearby NYCHA properties in November, 2013. 



Jennifer Wen Ma was born in Beijing. She currently works and lives between New York and Beijing. Ma’s interdisciplinary practice bridges media as varied as installation, video, drawing, fashion design, performance, and public art, often bringing together unlikely elements in a single piece, creating sensitive, poetic, and poignant works.

Jennifer Wen Ma’s project Inked Garden was an elongated garden painted black with charcoal-based Chinese ink, planted and cared for with community members. Though the ink temporarily stopped the photosynthesis process; the garden returned to green over time, serving as a testament to the perseverance and resilience of life. In the last phase of the project, community members adopted all the plans and planters.



Mary Mattingly is a Brooklyn-based artist. Through interdisciplinary collaborations and documentation, Mattingly’s work proposes possible futures involving increased mobile infrastructure, local and community networks of exchange, and interdependent living-systems.

Mattingly’s project Triple Island was a scalable, amphibious ecosystem that served as a habitat in preparation for increased ecological instability and the dearth of livable land; and as a public experiment about living with the altered environments of our shared future.


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Nanna Debois Buhl is a Brooklyn-based artist born in Denmark. Her projects examine historical or cultural knowledge through plants, animals, and architectural components. She uses the formats of maps and atlases in her artistic practice, and her works are realized through a combination of installations, drawing, film, text, photography, and sound.

Buhl’s project Do you remember the bananas? was a painted herbarium that recalled Pier 42’s past as New York City’s main receiving port for tropical fruit until 1987.