2014 Artists

Selected Artists and Designers:


Drumreef 42, 2014.

Drumreef 42, 2014.

Sketch of Drumreef 42, 2014

Sketch of Drumreef 42, 2014


Little Free Library, 2013


Mall-terations, 2012

Combo Colab (Carolina Cisneros + Mateo Pinto) is a Newark-based architect duo that operates within the borders of art, architecture and design, focusing on the design and production of hybrid projects and products of variable scales and temporalities.

Stereotank (Sara Valente + Marcelo Ertorteguy) is a Manhattan-based architect collaborative that designs sustainable projects of a wide range of scales. Motivated towards the active engagement with the public and their surrounding environment, Combo Colab’s and Stereotank’s works display their interest in repurposing and recycling existing resources.

Combo Colab + Stereotank’s project DrumReef 42 re-envisions the topography of Pier 42 and builds a participatory installation that creates awareness about current environmental concerns. Made from multiple re-used plastic barrels, the drum-formation is a structure that can be used to climb, rest, play, and explore new connections to the river and the park.

Combo Colab conceived the installation as a sustainably constructed social sculpture that uses existing resources, low-cost materials, and pre-fabricated systems. It can be read as an inhabitable barrier that also acts as an island for play, incorporating interactive elements to engage visitors. Sound-making features by Stereotank promote a participative mood creating awareness about water and marine life. DrumReef 42 is an empirical experiment on subjects that are relevant to the site, the neighborhood, and its condition in proximity to the water.

In late July, the artists will hold workshops bringing to life the urban reef by planting and discovering the diverse features and uses of the playful topography. They will also offer hands-on activities to create add-ons for the installation, and work with community members to plan for the repurposing of materials used in the project at the season’s end.


1st portrait in The People's Poster Project, July 2014.

1st portrait in The People’s Poster Project, July 2014.

Across116thStreet_PetrushkaBazinLarson copy

Sonia Louise Davis during a workshop with the Laundromat Project on 116th Street, June 2013. Photo by Petrushka Bazin Larsen.


Sonia Louise Davis during a workshop with the Laundromat Project on 116th Street, July 2013. Photo by Yuko Torihara.


Sonia Louise Davis at Casita Maria, November 2012. Photo by Ivan Forde.

Sonia Louise Davis is a Manhattan-based artist born in New York. Using a large format view camera, Davis’ work mines the public and private archive, exploring collective memory and family history through site-specific and community-based projects.

Davis’ project The People’s Poster Project refines the notion of a time capsule. Instead of burying something in the ground to be excavated thousands of years in the future, the project aims to activate a more reflective space that highlights individual stories of Lower East Side residents within public dialogue about the future of Pier 42.

The project consists of workshops and conversations about what matters most to Lower East Side community members. Working with a range of community groups, from youth to elders, Davis will facilitate large format photographic portraits, inviting neighbors to pose with an object from their personal archive and recount its significance. Throughout the summer they will create and install posters in local community spaces and businesses around the neighborhood, and on Pier 42, culminating in a completed outdoor exhibition in September.

Special Thanks to: Deborah Altgilbers, Ruben An, Roxana Ancher, Mimi Bai, Karl Bastien, Sotero Bermudez, Beth Bingham, Kingsley Boafo, Katie Brennan, William Brower, Vista CRC, Kerri Culhane, Cathy Dang, Brielle Davie, Evan Davis, Kip Davis, Gaudhi de Sedas, Daisy Echevarria, Elisa Espiritu, Margot Finkel, Winston Ford, Ivan Forde, Ruth Franco, Aaron Gonzalez, Elizabeth Hamby, Jill Heller, Gloria Heller, Elaine Hoffman, Perri Hofmann, Trever Holland, Bora Kim, Joann Lee, Paul Lee, Kaitlynn Leung, Grace Mak, Jessica Martino, William Penrose, Wai Yee Poon, Linco Printing, Andy Pugh, Marc Richardson, Carlina Rivera, Kevin Session, Monique Smalls, Shaheeda Smith, Dan Tainow, Ms. Daisy Taylor, Michael Tsang, Mallika Vora, Betty Yu, Chi Yung



Social Dress LES - Material Memories workshop at the Paths to Pier 42 Summer Launch Celebration, July 2014.

Social Dress LES – Material Memories workshop at the Paths to Pier 42 Summer Launch Celebration, July 2014.

Casting a wall of the Baruch Houses, photo courtesy of Cole Tracy

Casting a wall of the Baruch Houses, photo courtesy of Cole Tracy

Social Dress St. Louis, 2012

Social Dress St. Louis, 2012


Social Dress St. Louis, 2012

Takashi Horisaki is a Manhattan-based artist born in Tokyo, Japan. Horisaki’s practice is a sculptural exploration of the histories recorded in the surfaces of objects, people and architectures in which he designs performative systems and object-making processes that become metaphors for the effects of time on our bodies and our environments.

Horisaki’s project Social Dress LES – Material Memories focuses on the local history and potential futures of the Lower East Side community, seeking a self-driven representation of the neighborhood through the collaborative voices of its residents. This interactive project is based on a series of summer workshops, held both indoors and outside, engaging longer-term residents of the housing complexes in the area. Horisaki will work with workshop participants to create thin fabric-like latex casts of the surfaces of objects that are personally significant to them, as well as neighborhood architecture.

While helping participants replicate personal effects from trophies to coins, records to chinaware, and even brick or stone architecture, Horisaki and his team encourage participants to tell the personal stories behind these objects and spaces. With their permission, residents’ stories are recorded and will be incorporated into a short-term installation on Pier 42, as well as a culminating performance presentation for the project, where personal histories and visions will be shared with both community members and the wider public.

Project Team: Takashi Horisaki, Bethany Chan, Bianca Yee, Cole Tracy, Grace Shun, Jordan Delzell, Meredith Cristal, Nissim Ram, Zoe Penina Baker



New Earth Apocalypse Knowledge Advancement (NEAKA) at Pier 42, August 2014

New Earth Personal Survival Kit (NEPSK) workshop at the Paths to Pier 42 Summer Launch Celebration, July 2014.

New Earth Personal Survival Kit (NEPSK) workshop at the Paths to Pier 42 Summer Launch Celebration, July 2014.


S.O.S. pledge


S.O.S. Mobile Classroom, 2010


Tattfoo Tan is a Staten Island-based artist who collaborates with the public on issues relating to ecology, sustainability and healthy living. Tan’s art practice seeks to find an immediate, direct and effective way of exploring issues related to the individual in society. Through the employment of multiple forms of media and various platforms of presentation, Tattfoo promotes group participation between himself and an ‘audience’.

Tan’s project New Earth Apocalypse Knowledge Advancement (NEAKA) is a metal key frame catamaran installed on Pier 42 that will be ceremonially christened with salt on August 13th. The artist sees the vessel as a spiritual reminder of an uncertain future due to societal collapse (population, climate, water, agriculture and energy) and a call to action in preparation to face such challenges. NEAKA also serves as a vitrine for NEMRE (New Earth Meal Ready to Eat), a part of Tan’s ongoing social practice project, through which he inspires others to practice the ancient food preservation technique of dehydration, not only to help prepare for future disaster, but to provide nutritious meals in the present, knowing every ingredient and wasting none.

As part of the project, Tan will conduct a series of workshops related to personal disaster preparedness on Pier 42 and in the Lower East Side, including the New Earth Meal Ready to Eat (NEMRE), New Earth Personal Survival Kit (NEPSK), and New Earth Multi-function Exoskeleton Carrier (NEMEC).

The NEAKA unit was originally presented by Smack Mellon as part of FOODshed: Art and Agriculture in Action, June-July 2014.


"On A Fence" by Chat Travieso with Yeju Choi

On A Fence, 2014


On A Fence, 2013


Wordplay, 2013


CoolStop, 2013

Chat Travieso is a Brooklyn-based artist and architectural designer born in Miami, Florida. Travieso creates interactive installations and urban interventions that engage the public and encourage people to question their assumptions of the everyday built environment.

Yeju Choi is a designer and artist living and working in New York City. She runs a multi-disciplinary design practice Nowhere(NowHere) Office, researching, designing, and making a variety of things — from identity, printed matter, video, website, exhibition, and environmental graphics for civic / public / cultural clients, to commissioned / self-initiated public art installations, structures, and objects.

Travieso’s project On a Fence expands on his 2013 Pier 42 project, which transforms the fence surrounding Pier 42 into an interactive structure incorporating seating, play areas, and signage. The project seeks to invert the function and meaning of the fence from a physical barrier to a place where people can come together. This year, On a Fence will be expanded to occupy the entire length of the fence on the Northern side of the park, incorporating new programming that complements the previous installation.

On a Fence acts as a testing ground and incubator for more permanent solutions that can be incorporated into the final design of the Pier 42 Park. Local residents participate in the planning and design process of On a Fence and assist in its construction on site.

Project Lead/Designer: Chat Travieso
Environmental Graphics and Design Consultation: Yeju Choi
Construction: Chat Travieso, Eduardo M. Llinás-Meseguer (2013), Tyrene Calvesbert and volunteers
Volunteers and Special Thanks:

2013: Jerome Begin, Esmé Boyce, Cody Boyce, Giulia Carotenuto, Charlene Chai, Christine Chang, Isaac Esterman, Good Old Lower East Side (GOLES), GOLES Healthy Aging Program (GHAP), Grand St. Settlement, Ryan Hartley, Jenny Hong, Heechan Kim, Raj Kottamasu, Colette Krogol, Julian Morales, Ken Murphy, Neta Nakash, Pietro Pagliaro, Carmen Pedroza, Teresa Pedroza, Matt Reeves, Damaris Reyes, Carlina Rivera, Leah Solk, Jeanette “Jet” Toomer, Kristen Wilke, Christine Yao

2014: Ariel, Asher, Mike Beene, Carlos Bolanos, Esmé Boyce, Cody Boyce, Dexter Ciprian, Tyler Dehaarte, Gaudhi De Sedas, Emre Edev, Maria Emilia Escudero, Winston Ford, Pamela Giaroli, Lamar Dean Gillespie, Luther Gillespie, Jerome Haferd, Brian Hibbert, Trevor Holland, Jenny Hsiao, Danielle Kachler, Sean Kelly, Heechan Kim, Kee Kim, Stephen Klimek, Dahvid Mercado-Hastings, Julian Morales, Brian Odowd, Lily Padro, Max Prophile, Eli Rose, Joe Sakashita, Ryan Hartley Smith, Yara Travieso, Didier William, Jason Williams, Eric Wong, Maeve Woollen