2017 Artists

Commissioned Artists and Designers:


About the artists:
Combo Colab

Led by Carolina Cisneros and Mateo Pinto, Combo Colab is a design studio operating at the intersection of art, architecture and landscape. With a hands-on approach the studio works as a laboratory for the creation of new experiences, primarily using recycled/re-purposed materials. Mateo and Carolina, originally from Venezuela and Argentina respectively, were trained as architects and have been collaborating on design and public art projects since 2006 in New York and overseas; in 2010 they founded Combo Colab.

Some of their public art projects include DrumReef for Paths to Pier 42 (2014 and 2015) Floatlands, Floating wetlands developed as part of the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance Summer Program, Far Rockaway, New York (2013); Rockaway Waterfront Alliance Solar Kiosk, Far Rockaway, New York (2013); and Truck-a-Float Far Rockaway, New York (2012).

Combo Colab received a NYSCA grant for their New Marketplace for the Red Hook Food Vendors, NY (2012) and an NYC DOT grant, through the pARTners Urban Art Program, NY (2009). Their work has been featured in Unhabitat, featuring Truckafloat, New York City (2014); Gestalten, Cause and Effect: Visualizing Sustainability, featuring Mall-terations, Germany (2012); and Dwell Magazine, featuring Xtool, 6 Noteworthy Designs from Salone Satellite (2013), among others.

Combo Colab was a 2014 and 2015 Paths to Pier 42 commissioned design team.

Oficina – Social Impact Design

Oficina is an architectural and design practice with a focus on social impact and participatory design. It provides design and construction strategies geared towards community design where challenges are differentiated from conventional projects.

Oficina is managed by Joana Torres, a Portuguese architect with one foot in NYC and another foot where work calls for it. Joana graduated in 2004 with a masters in architecture, urbanism an building sciences from the Technical University of Delft. Since then, she has managed multiple architectural projects both in the realm of community design as well as in more conventional projects. Oficina has developed projects in urban and rural settings in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Holland, Turkey and Haiti.

Oficina is a collaborator with 2017 commissioned design team Combo Colab.

Zig Zag Fence
By Combo Colab with Oficina

For the 2017 season of Paths to Pier 42, Combo Colab will collaborate with Oficina to transform the fence along the north side of Pier 42 (along the bikeway) with a graphically bold zig zag gesture that draws inspiration from the way sailboats tack into the wind.

The installlation will help visually define the temporary park, attract visitors and bring a dynamic sensibility to the site. The project will utilize white 1.5‐inch ribbon as the main material, in parallel lines and diagonals stretched to form a zig‐zag pattern along the length of the fence. Wind inicators in the form of loose ribbon ends will lend a further sense of movement.

Zig Zag fence brings Combo Colab’s engaging and visually bold design approach back to Pier 42, using lightweight materials and a low‐impact installation plan to activate the temporary park in its final season.