Hester Street Collaborative

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Hester Street Collaborative‘s (HSC) mission is to empower residents of underserved communities by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to have a direct impact on shaping their built environment. We do this through a hands-on approach that combines design, education, and advocacy. HSC seeks to create more equitable, sustainable, and vibrant neighborhoods where community voices lead the way in improving their environment and neglected public spaces.


GROUND UP: In 2014, as part of Hester Street Collaborative’s Ground Up design education program, two neighborhood schools, P.S. 134 and M.S. 131 have helped create installations at Pier 42. Ground Up brings together architects, local artists, activists and teachers to engage public school students in a curriculum that introduces them to architecture, art, and design concepts through hands-on, site-based workshops. P.S. 134’s students have studied native plants and cared for them in their own school garden to be transplanted to Pier 42. M.S. 131’s students designed a mural composed of more than 1,000 individually painted flags that interpret river creatures and city life.