Two Bridges Neighborhood Council

Two Bridges

Two Bridges Neighborhood Council has been dedicated to serving the many neighborhoods of Manhattan’s Lower East Side since 1955. We create equitable housing, celebrate cultural diversity through neighborhood-based programs, and work together with local residents, businesses, entrepreneurs, and leaders to stimulate and maintain economic vitality. Our STEM-focused summer and after school programs use Pier 42 as a living laboratory to explore the urban ecology of our waterfront community.


CITIZEN SCIENCE ACTIVITIES: Science educators from Two Bridges & We Grok It host Citizen Science activities on the pier during public events. During a Bio Blitz in May 2014, residents and volunteer scientist worked together to count over 4439 individual organisms representing 108 unique species in just 4 hours! This data and more is being added to the Climate & Urban Systems Partnership (CUSP) map, to create an interactive, crowd- sourced snapshot of our urban environment in the face of climate change. See the map here:

ARM OF THE SEA THEATRE: For a second year, Two Bridges presented a free evening of magnificent puppet theatre featuring the Arm of the Sea Theatre. 2014’s presentation, The Rejuvenary River Circus, was an allegorical tale of a river and its watershed, featuring gorgeous masks and puppet characters, a biomorphic set design, and live original music.

PIER 42 KITE FESTIVAL: In 2013, Two Bridges launched the first annual Pier 42 Kite Festival. Over 200 individuals and families came out to design, build, and fly kites on Pier 42. A true blend of art & science, awards were given for highest flying, fastest, and most unique homemade kites. A jury of residents and engineers helped judge the kite competition.